Room Set Up Preferences

 Room Set Up Preferences Please share this page with the AV/Room Set Up Coordinator Thank you for booking me for your event! I look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your goals through my presentation. As a professional speaker, I’ve seen hundreds of speakers and events. Through that experience, I’ve learned what works and, perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t work. I’ve prepared this collection of technical requirements to help us work together. You’ll want to share this information with your A/V team as well. Let’s get a few things out of the way: • I’m not trying to be difficult. Everything on this list is flexible. However, I do ask that we have conversation if you can’t provide something I prefer. • Things happen. As a professional, I’m prepared. No matter what happens from a technical perspective, I’m going to put on a great program. • We’re partners. I’m here to help you put on a great event. As your speaker, I’m committed to doing everything I can to make a presentation successful. 

 Dennis will Provide: • Laptop - To ensure the success of your event, Dennis presents using his own laptop. He uses a Windows with an HDMI port. Dennis will provide a VGA, HDMI dongle and DisplayPort adapter. 

• Slides – Dennis’s slides contain many custom fonts, audio, and video files which is why he needs to present from his own laptop. If your screen is going to be a widescreen, 16X9, please inform us ASAP so the slides can be adjusted before Dennis arrives onsite. 

• Presentation Remote - Meredith will bring a Keyspan presentation remote to advance the slides. • Earpiece Microphone - Dennis will bring a HEIMU Earset Headworn Microphone with 4 adaptors for AKG, Shure, Audio-technica and Sennheiser type Connector to plug into your wireless body pack transmitter. Client Will Provide 

• LCD Projector & Screen – Please use a projector with as many lumens (brightness) and large a screen as possible. For large audiences, consider two screens. If the screens are not ceiling mounted, position them to the side of the speaking area at an angle (not on or behind the stage/speaking area). If the LCD projector is not ceiling mounted, please place the projector on a small draped table opposite the screen. Please advise us 60 days in advance of the presentation if the screens are going to be widescreen (16X9) so the slides can be modified before he arrives onsite. • Microphone - For groups over 30, Dennis requires a wireless. Please provide a wireless body pack transmitter that connects to the sound system.

• Sound for Laptop - Dennis uses audio and video clips in his presentations. Please provide an 3.5mm jack and cable for his laptop that is connected to the sound system. 

• Table for Dennis’s Laptop – Dennis needs access to his laptop while presenting.   Please note extra-long cabling will be needed to connect the laptop and projector since they will not be located on the same table. 

• A/B Switch - If another laptop is going to be used prior to Dennis’s presentation, please provide an A/B switch so both laptops can be connected during set up and remain connected once the program begins.

• Additional Table - If Dennis is permitted to sell books at the event, please provide (1) six foot skirted banquet table in the back of the room or off to one side of the speaking area. Please keep the table inside the meeting room. Room Set-Up

• Lighting – Dennis  prefers the front of the room where he will be presenting to be well lit. Please do not dim the lights in the room. The ideal location for the projector screen is in the corner of the room with no light shining directly on the screen. • Staging - For groups larger than 50 a riser/stage is ideal so everyone can see Dennis. Please remove everything from the stage except a table for his laptop. Dennis does not need a podium or head table on the stage however if one is there that is OK. 

• Seating - Classroom or theater style seating is preferred. If doing round tables, please set the tables in crescents so everyone at the table is facing the front of the room. Room Set Up Diagrams If there is a stage - Dennis would like access to his computer on the stage or instead a monitor placed on the floor so he can see the slides without turning his back to the audience. If there is no stage - then this set-up is ideal 

Meeting Room Set Up Checklist 

___ Confirm screen size with Dennis, 4X3 or 16X9 

___ LCD Projector and as large a screen as possible 

___ Skirted table for Dennis’s laptop, positioned on stage 

___ Sound system if more than 30 participants 

___ Wireless microphone bodypack transmitter 

___ Wifi or wired Internet connection 

___ AC power for laptop with extension cord and power strip 

___ 3.5mm sound cable for Dennis’s laptop 

___ A/B switch if multiple laptops are being used 

___ Mats or tape to cover cords 

___ Name tags or tent cards with first names written very large

 ___ Pen and/or pencils for participants 

___ Wifi password for event posted or given out

 ___ Tables and chairs set up in a way that they can see Dennis and the screen 

___ Table(s) for sponsors and Dennis’s books (if applicable) 

If any of the above is not available, please let us know.  Dennis can bring his own 6000 Lumen projector, PA for audiences up to 100 and If absolutely for audiences of 100 or less Dennis can bring a portable projector screen. Questions? Don’t hesitate to call or email us! You can reach Dennis at or 509-981-0646.