Who is Dennis Mitchell?

Dennis's life has been about overcoming incredible odds! Born in West Point Mississippi, Dennis's dad was abusive and his parents divorced when Dennis was 4 years old. Soon there after the Dennis's mother moved the kids to the Pacific Northwest. Only 4 short years later Dennis's dad died. Dennis was raised on the ghetto streets of Spokane, Washington. In school, Dennis was voted by his classmates as being the most likely to fail and for 15+ years Dennis did everything he could to prove they were right! Soon Dennis found himself homeless and destitute.

All that changed on September 10, 1982 when Dennis received a phone call telling him that his then 5 year old son had been hit by a car and killed.

With the help of some mentors like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Dave Yoho, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Foster Hibbard and others, Dennis was able to turn that tragedy into triumph and is now one of the most popular, outrageous and passionate speakers on the lecture circuit today! His story will make you laugh and make you cry. It is one of the most powerful stories ever heard many attendees tell us. You Be the judge, sentence Dennis to speak at your business, conference or convention where he will share powerful strategies that will empower anyone to be the absolute best they can be!


What the experts say!

 "I believe that those who listen to and participate in Dennis' work will learn from his history and benefit from the experience!" - Dave Yoho, author, “How To Have A Good Year Every Year.”

"Thank you for your keynote presentation at our GOHS Highway Leadership Conference.  Our feedback has been extremely positive!" - Barbara Jones, Governor's Office of Highway Safety


"It was Incredible!"

“Dennis, your presentation was incredible, to say the least!  I will think of you and your inspiring presentation every time I hear that song by Earth Wind and Fire “You’re A Shinning Star!” 

-  Ms. Chris Willrich,  Program Manager/Team Leader , Texas Dept. of Transportation

“Mr. Mitchell is a powerful speaker; he shares a message of hope, inspiration, and  responsibility with youth and adults. He was passionate in addressing prosecutors, judges,  police and the community!” - Lynda Evans, ESD101, Correction Learning Institute


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Jack Canfield
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LL Cool J
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Jim Rohn
Jim Rohn

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